Foreign students learn about richness, beauty and greatness of the Russian language

ASU students from ten countries – Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau, Egypt, China, Morocco and Turkey – attend the "You can work miracles with the Russian language" seminar.

Russian lecturers meet with the audience in online and offline formats within the framework of the project "Educational Aspects of the Training of Foreign Speakers in the Focus of Expanding the Boundaries of the Russian Language and Cultural Space", aimed at popularizing the Russian language in a foreign-speaking community.

"We received support at the federal level by winning a grant from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation," said Lyudmila Kasyanova, Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Journalism of ASU, Doctor of Philology. "Our teachers have prepared entertaining and accessible information, which, we hope, will contribute to expanding the boundaries of the linguistic and cultural space for foreign students."

Lyudmila Kasyanova offered the audience informative lectures "The Russian language is inexhaustibly rich and everything is enriched with amazing speed" and "Language is the history of the people. Language is the path of civilization and culture."

Modern Russian Language Department Head, Doctor of Philology Maria Lapteva delivered lectures on "There is one word in our literature..." and "There is nothing in life... that could not be conveyed in a Russian word". The lecture on "In the world of numbers ..." was read by Associate Professor, Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, Candidate of Philological Sciences Elena Badalova.

Students from Turkmenistan shared their impressions:

"The Russian language is one of the most multifaceted languages in the world. It gives us a lot and, above all, it contributes to the acquisition of knowledge," they believe. "During the lecture, we learnt a lot of new and interesting things about it."

The lecture "You can work miracles with the Russian language" will be held at three venues in Russia and two in foreign countries with the participation of ASU partner educational organizations.

According to the organizers, within the framework of the project, it is planned to organize a competition of creative projects dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Dahl, and to hold a scientific and methodological seminar on topical issues of modern Russian studies and linguodidactics.

Photo by the ASU Media Center