Crossbow shooters from Croatia took gold at the international crossbow competition "Volga Cup-2021"

The first international crossbow shooting competition "Volga Cup - 2021" was held in Astrakhan region. The strongest shooters from Russia, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan competed for the gold.

There were 24 athletes in the fight for the international "Volga Cup - 2021". They competed at 18 meters distance, each of them fired more than 120 shots on their way to the cherished medal.

Members of the Russian national team showed excellent results: 1 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals. Irina Sapozhkina from Russia shot from 18 meters hit the "bullseye" and won a bronze medal, she fulfilled the International class Master of Sports standard in the "Volga Cup - 2021".

Croatia's representatives showed the best results at the end of the three-day event. They won the international competition in both (men's and women's) individual events.

Also as part of the Volga Cup 2021 shooters competed in the Shooting Combat - a relay race for speed, accuracy and endurance. It was necessary to overcome four shooting ranges and hit the targets with shots from pistol, rifle, bow and crossbow. As the result the Russian team took the gold medal.

The final chord was the meeting between the international archery and crossbow teams. The crossbow shooters were victorious.

Photo from the press service of the Sport Shooting Federation of Russia.