Interregional relations

The Astrakhan Region Government prioritizes further enhancement of interregional links with all other regions of the Russian Federation. The region has been closely interacting both in economic and cultural fields with a number of Russian territories. The existing agreements are rather multidimensional, implying a large-scale cooperation between Astrakhan-based industrial enterprises and relevant business community of its partner regions in order to facilitate the implementation of the Programme on Social and Economic Development of Astrakhan region.
One of the priority tasks, facing the Astrakhan Region Government in cooperation with other Russian regions, is provision of food supplies, construction materials as well as development of wholesale and retail trade. Therefore such regions as Krasnodar, Stavropol, Volgograd, Rostov, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Tatarstan can be referred to as Astrakhan region’s focal regional partners over a number of years. These territories take up around 60% of the total trade turnover of Astrakhan region with other regions of the Russian Federation. 
The regional authorities have been exerting all efforts to set up favourable conditions for business community of the region to enable better partner relations with relevant institutions and organizations of other regions of the Russian Federation.